The asSASSins

The Warrior  ∴  The Rogue  ∴  The Diplomat  ∴  The Shaman  ∴  The Sorcerer

We are the granddaughters of the witches you could not burn.

We are The asSASSins.

Think motorcycle clubs meets Stevie Nicks coven.

We represent the divine feminine, female strength, identifying empowerment, the spirit of nature, and general badassness.

We stand for equality, women in action and breaking female stereotypes.

We believe in the old ways, the new ways and sisterhood.

We are here to inspire.

∴   ∴   ∴

Here’s our story.

It was the spring of 2016 when the Warrior and the Rogue met from deciding to partner for an unarmed stage combat fight rehearsal. Little did they know what friendship was about to take off and soon enough define themselves as The asSASSins.

Yes, that’s correct, sass is just as important as the deadly nature of powerful women.

In the beginning of initiating their ever-wanted girl gang, they did not actually have their club classifications. As their ideas began to expand about what this sisterhood actually was, and with a little inspiration from their weekly Dungeons and Dragons gameplay, it became almost too obvious to choose an appropriate self-identifying class.

Thusly, and officially, The Warrior and The Rogue came into existence.

The two galavanted about, connecting spiritually and professionally while trying to make a mark in the world of entertainment. Slowly, they developed details about the club – the first being their jackets.

Every best friends club needs matching jackets, right?

Black leather jackets, to be exact. It was almost a no brainer for them to make that decision. After concept discussions, design decisions and revisions, The asSASSins’ jackets were to modeled after that of a motorcycle club’s.

<See how it all unfolded here.>

In addition to jackets, each member would also be given their club name inspired from a Stevie Nicks song that embodied them; i.e. The Warrior is The Gold Dust Woman, The Diplomat is Leather and Lace, etc.

They certainly had amazing moments of discovery realizing these.

The Rogue, The Warrior, The Diplomat

Enter The Diplomat.

A few months later, The Warrior, in rescuing The Rogue from a late night debacle, was introduced to the soon to be new member of The asSASSins. She was already a good friend of The Rogue who had given her blessing to the idea. The Warrior bonded with her immediately, and shortly after, The Diplomat was initiated.

This trio was strong. Very strong. Each bringing different sets of skills, strengths and personalities to the group’s identity.

Empowered, confident, intelligent, loving, a good time, unstoppable. These were the energies given off to the world when they rode out together.

They were onto something.

Roughly six months later, the trio moved to a new city together and continued their quests of making an impact where ever they went, either together or on solo venturing. Meanwhile, The asSASSins aura had been secretly attracting two new members..

Then, The Shaman and The Sorcerer appeared through the smoke.

The last two members, in their classes’s classic fashion, made themselves known. Both had been currently living in other cities, which explained the smoke.

The Warrior and The Shaman had met and became best friends while in graduate school, keeping in touch as their careers moved them to different cities post-degree.

Similarly, The Sorcerer was a mutual friend of The Warrior, The Rogue and the Diplomat at that time, and was also famously known for rolling the most entertaining natural 20’s during a D&D sesh.


The Warrior. The Rogue. The Diplomat. The Shaman. The Sorcerer. Five strong. The banded energy felt stronger, now with more of a complete party. Each of us taking our fields and lives by storm in our unique ways, all with different powers, if you will.

And when we come together, there is nothing less than unconditional support, laughter and inspiration.

∴   ∴   ∴

We are The asSASSins.

Come, meet us.

The Warrior

The Rogue

The Diplomat

The Shaman

The Sorcerer