About Me

I am the Gold Dust Woman.

Stuntwoman  ∴  Immersive Designer  ∴  Crossfitter  ∴  Equestrian  ∴  Witch

..but in the common tongue, I go by Kristin, or The Warrior. It’s nice to meet you and welcome to my journey! You might be thinking those bold identifiers above are an odd combination for a person to be or have time for, but I’m living proof they aren’t. And that’s honestly the main reason I started this blog.

I consider myself a renaissance woman. A multipotentialite. A student of the universe. A creative who wants to learn and experience all that life has to offer. And so far, I’ve been able to live through different aspects that have ultimately shaped who I’ve become.. which is kind of a badass.


Some of the basics:

 B.F.A in Design from Florida State University

M.F.A in Production Design from Savannah College of Art and Design

I grew up South Florida and traveled throughout my life

Soccer/Softball/Equestrian since childhood

Started weightlifting when I was 22

I have an Australian shepherd named Sage

Stuntwoman/Immersive Designer in Atlanta, GA

I play Wonder Woman for live events

I could eat gelato endlessly

∴    ∴   ∴

I was someone who was raised to follow a certain path in order to achieve success and happiness. The “go to college, then more college, then get a job and find someone to love” became an ingrained mantra as a youth. I have always been a person who is driven and disciplined, so, naturally, I believed this left-brained concept would work if I followed it.

Boy, was I wrong.

To be honest, it wasn’t something that hit me all at once, but rather in large quantities in my young adult years at FSU. I was really trying to define who I was and who I wanted to become – professionally, personally and spiritually – as we all do at that age.

And then, things started to slowly click when I decided to switch my major, and became an artist.

Suddenly, my eyes began to open as I studied art history, philosophy, modern design, and literature over the years as they carried me through graduate school.

Simultaneously at that time in my life, I became more spiritually aware and had been conquering fitness goals. I truly believe it was the merging of my intellectual and physical lives that allowed me to understand some of the inner workings of the universe, and how I was going to fit into it’s scheme.

It was then I realized – I just had to live my truth.

And what did I mean by that, exactly? To live my truth? I decided that my first step in any decision I was going to make about any aspect of my future, was to honestly ask myself “will this make me happy?”.

Happy is a word relative to the individual. I know what dictated my happiness has changed over the years, and I have certainly put happiness on the back burner for other things in my life.

Life is about balance. And as simple as the word happiness is, its weight is quite heavy.

Living my truth means complete honesty with myself, so that I am in able to balance and combine the things that make me happy with sustainable ways of living.

Ah, such is the struggle of the artist!

But does it have to be? Sure, I don’t rake in the big bucks, but that’s never stopped me from discovering new avenues of life that brought me experiences, knowledge and people; which, ultimately, opened doors for me professionally and personally. As cheesy as it sounds, I just kept following my heart.

∴    ∴   ∴

I am the Gold Dust Woman,

and I welcome you to living your truth.